Hongsar, also known as Moe Khaing, is a photojournalist, photographer, and video creator originally from Burma/Myanmar. Hongsar had established a successful career in Asia and Europe. He has interviewed and photograph many notable people, such as Pope Francis and Barack Obama.  He and his family fled Myanmar secretly due to political persecution including threats from the military. Hongsar, along with his wife and young son, gained political asylum as refugees in the United States .Hongsar and his family currently live in Pittsburgh, PA.  He has worked at a variety of jobs while beginning to re-establish his career in photojournalism.  He is now a freelance journalist with Voice of America in Burma/Myanmar.  He does weekly interviews with individuals who are knowledgeable of and affected by the crises in Ukraine and Myanmar.  His goal is to bring awareness to the plights of the people and political situations in these areas.